This bright, spacious and impressive mansion consists of four floors with a large roof terrace located on the fifth floor. The ceiling height (6 meters in the kitchen and nearly 3 meters in the rest of the house) makes this place highly suitable for photography and film recordings. It features a spectacular staircase completely made of hardened glass, making the house extremely light and spacious.

The ground floor boasts a modern kitchen with a harmonica sliding door that can be opened across the entire width of the apartment, merging the kitchen and garden together on sunny days. An open living room with a gas fireplace is located on the first floor. The office on the mezzanine looks over the open kitchen and garden from the balustrade. The master bedroom, located on the third floor, is an open space from where the glass staircase leads into the patio and brings in sunlight from the core of the house towards the ground floor.

Suitable for:


  • total lettable floor area: 233m2
  • rooms: open kitchen with garden, living room, study on the mezzanine, bedroom, bathroom, roof terrace
  • maximum height: 6m
  • loading / unloading / parking: at the door

Special Features

  • private access to ground floor
  • wide sliding doors in the glass facade suitable for loading / unloading
  • modern glass staircase
  • balcony & patio
  • garden
  • roof terrace


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