PUBLIC locations rents out unique locations. Locations for brainstorming, team building, exhibiting and presenting . For an album release or a product launch. For a photo shoot or commercial recording. The locations of PUBLIC are used for various purposes.

Clients choose PUBLIC locations because PUBLIC takes over the bulk of the searching and arranging work. This not only saves time, but also headaches.

Owners Iris and Petra do this with great care and attention. They know the market inside out, from both the location’s and the client’s perspective, and actively think along with you to find the right location within the available budget.

PUBLIC not only takes care of the perfect environment, but also:

  • the scheduling of the viewings
  • the set-up of the space
  • well-coordinated catering
  • tuning of the tone and degree of support from the host (compatibility with the attendees / participants)
  • additional technical equipment
  • full coordination with the booked location based on the wishes and requirements of clients
  • further organizational support where necessary

The portfolio of PUBLIC locations consists exclusively of special locations, within and just outside of Amsterdam, and elsewhere in the province of Noord-Holland.

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