The West-Indisch Huis is the former headquarters of the West Indies Company in Amsterdam. In this building, the commanders of the WIC ordered the construction of a fort on Manhattan Island in 1625, the first step towards what would become the metropolis of New York.

This national monument consists of three stylish rooms and a large courtyard.

Suitable for:


  • lettable floor area: 332m2
  • rooms: 3 separate rooms, Company room + foyer, Admiraal room + foyer, Shutter room
  • maximum height: from 3 to 5m
  • outdoor space: courtyard 240 m2
  • parking available on the canal or car park nearby
  • loading / unloading permitted at the door
  • three-phase electric power available

Special Features

  • plenty of daylight
  • large, stylish rooms
  • prestigious environment
  • chandeliers and wall lamps
  • unique courtyard, centrally located but peaceful and quiet


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