plafond 3 m+

2010 Amsterdam

This original Canal House has several special and colorful rooms that can be used for filming, photography, and small press events. The house on the Amsteldijk has its own entrance, a spacious garden and an open kitchen with lots of daylight. A good mix of modern and original elements, such as the beautiful stained glass …

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2043 Amsterdam

Built in 1870, this mansion is located in Amsterdam Oud-West around the corner from Vondelpark. The ornamental ceilings reaching past 3.7m create a feeling of comfortable spaciousness. There are two separate rooms covering 95m2: a stylish boardroom and a bright breakout room. This location boasts character, has inspiring decor and is easily accessible. It is …

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2039 Amsterdam

This 240m2 bright space is located on the ground floor and is best described as a cross between a living room and a plant shop. Greenery hangs and grows everywhere you look. The decor is colourful and the space is naturally lit by skylights and the adjoining patio located at the rear. There are plenty …

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kitchen and garden

2037 Amsterdam

This former school building is designed in the iconic Amsterdam School architectural style. The light-coloured floor and ceilings reaching nearly 4 meters high create a spacious and bright space. The use of multiple colours and materials in combination with vintage and modern furniture alludes to a warm family home. The living room is located in …

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2036 Amsterdam

Located in the centre of Amsterdam, this is a unique and spacious canal house with a rich history. Built in 1675, it boasts over 345m2 and a variety of rooms and spaces that reflect the faceted nature of the building. All spaces can be characterized by the original 1980s interior elements designed by renowned Dutch …

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2035 Amsterdam

This unique photo studio and meeting location can be found in the centre of Amsterdam, nestled in a quiet street between the Singel and the Herengracht. There are two rooms, a living room and a meeting room, together measuring 80m2. Both are located on the ground floor and furnished with unique and classic items developed …

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2033 Amsterdam

This traditional Amsterdam house from 1908 is particularly colourful. The various rooms each have their own character and are furnished with design pieces, art, recycled materials and self-designed wall hangings. Due to the diversity of styles, this is a perfect location for shoots where different types of images can be shot. The garden is equally …

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2032 Foyer Amsterdam

This monumental building on the Oostenburgergracht is a great place for meetings, photography and filming and also for private dining up to 30 persons. The former theatre foyer located on the first floor is enormous – reaching a total height of 6m – and the floor-to-ceiling windows and earthy elements are also great for shoots. …

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2030 Amsterdam

This boutique apartment is located in De Pijp. The 75m2 space is comprised of a living room, a lounge with an open kitchen and a small balcony. It is characterized by many old classic details and a colourful collection of art and interior items. The perfect place for shoots and intimate gatherings. There is also …

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Boven BAUT

On the first floor of restaurant BAUT Oost you will find two private rooms that are tastefully decorated for meetings, events, photography and filming. An assortment of sofas and armchairs provides a creative set-up in which you can comfortably spend the day. You are welcome to present or brainstorm here in style with up to …

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2026 Amsterdam

This bright, spacious and impressive mansion consists of four floors with a large roof terrace located on the fifth floor. The ceiling height (6 meters in the kitchen and nearly 3 meters in the rest of the house) makes this place highly suitable for photography and film recordings. It features a spectacular staircase completely made …

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kitchen, dining area and living area

2025 Amsterdam

This apartment is located on the Prinseneilandgracht in the first large residential complex of the very first housing association in the Netherlands. It is an ideal space for photoshoots: 200m2 surface area, several large windows and a ceiling height of 4.5m. You can take full advantage of the height by using the mezzanine floor during …

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2022 Edam

This former farm is located on the Oorgat, in the historic town of Edam. Around the corner from the Fort in Edam, on the UNESCO World Heritage list and within walking distance of the IJsselmeer and the Strandbad Edam. The owners, together with their old neighbours, have completed a substantial renovation and created a semi-detached …

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2021 Amsterdam

This detached house of 300m2 is located in Amsterdam-Noord, and a stone’s throw from Tolhuistuin and Eye Film Museum. You can even see the A’dam Toren from the roof terrace. The spacious living room is no less than 6 meters high with plenty of daylight streaming through the large window. The mezzanine floor overlooks the …

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Studio QL

Studio QL is situated just around the corner from the Heineken Brewery, in the lively neighborhood De Pijp. Our regular clients might recognize this space as the former Studio WP; a popular location of PUBLIC locations. The new owners have refurbished the interior of the location and it now boasts improved facilities and a higher …

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Studio Automat

Studio Automat was formerly used as a car park. And once ¬– long ago – it even served as an ice cream factory. There are no traces of the latter; only of the former. The current owners decided to leave the walls intact after a complete renovation. This gives Studio Automat a tough and industrial …

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Loma Linda, California (USA)

Boardrooms Baxter

You can rent the Bar and Lounge for a larger meeting up to 16 persons, or event. You might also wish to eat there. Delicious food. The chefs at the Baxter Building can do everything, such as, prepare tasty walking dinners during your brainstorming session. Or simple snacks, a private dinner, lunch, drinks, or breakfast. …

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2020 West-Indisch Huis

The West-Indisch Huis is the former headquarters of the West Indies Company in Amsterdam. In this building, the commanders of the WIC ordered the construction of a fort on Manhattan Island in 1625, the first step towards what would become the metropolis of New York. This national monument consists of three stylish rooms and a …

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2018 Scheepskameel

Scheepskameel is located on former navy grounds in Amsterdam and was previously used as a cooking school. Since then, it has been converted into an open space with large windows and plenty of daylight. The open kitchen is furnished with a casual interior. There is also a lovely terrace with a view of the IJ. …

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2014 Aalsmeer

This rural location in Aalsmeer has two enormous flower greenhouses. There’s plenty of space and daylight, as well as greenery, flowers and plants. The authentic flower greenhouses are very suitable for photography and film recordings, both for indoor and outdoor shoots. The greenhouses can also be rented out for special events and press days. Parking …

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kitchen island

2013 Amsterdam

This spacious loft apartment was renovated by the designers of TANK. The space is designed using natural materials; a restored brick wall, old oak floorboards, a copper bath, a marble countertop. The building is no less than 26 meters deep and a spacious 165m2 The entire house can be used for film and photography. Or …

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2012 Bergen

Large detached house on the outskirts of Bergen, with a spacious garden surrounded by trees and an unobstructed view over the adjacent fields. Highly suitable for outdoor shoots. In addition to the spacious house, there are also a number of outbuildings on site. Plenty of light, height, wood and nature. Parking available on site.

2011 Amsterdam

Spacious bungalow in Amsterdam Noord. The entire house can be used for film and photography. Plenty of daylight streaming through the many (rooftop) windows. High ceilings, a patio with lots of green and even a gym. Located in a green area near the Baanakkerspark. Street parking available.

Boardroom Automat

Studio Automat is a family owned business. The brothers, James and Gugi van der Velden, renovated and furnished the place themselves. And they have quite a sense of style. James is an interior designer and Gugi is a filmmaker. When it came to furnishing the place they thought: Berlin vibes. Though not too industrial. Despite …

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The Boardroom

TANK Station – The Boardroom

The designers of TANK are responsible for TANK Station, their own office space situated in the city center. Lucky you. You can rent this perfectly furnished Boardroom with up to 12 people.  The Living by TANK Station is recommended for larger groups.

TANK Station

The designers of TANK are responsible for TANK Station, their own office space situated in the city center. Lucky you. TANK Station can be rented out for meetings, events, photography shoots and film recordings. There are three spaces available; The Living, The Boardroom and The Playroom, covering 245m2.

Canal House

You can host a brainstorm session or meeting here for hours on end. You can also plan a photoshoot, get-together or team building event. But you don’t have to. For those who have had it all: roll out your yoga mat and try a downward facing dog or a simple meditation. The hosts of this …

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FC Hyena

FC Hyena was founded by Lotte Smit and her husband Joris Brieffies. The founders of the Hotel Goudfazant and Café Modern assisted in carrying out their plan. Joris and Lotte were inspired by the cinema-with-restaurant concept of The Electric Cinema in London. Visitors are invited to get some delicious snacks and drinks at the bar …

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