This former cargo ship transported sand and grain over the Dutch rivers in the 1960s. Now it serves as a houseboat. And as a meeting and brainstorming room. This boat covers 140m2 and is located on a quiet part of the Amstel.

There are plenty of cozy coffee and lunch spots to be found in the area. You are also welcome to eat and drink on board thanks to their professional kitchen. Also nice: you can rent a sloop after the meeting and sail around the canals.

Suitable for:


The hardwood conference table can accommodate up to 16 people. Please note: there is a risk of dreaming away for Amsteldok guests. So ignore the swans floating by and the relaxing view of the Amstel river. And don’t go out on deck when the weather is nice. Iris: “One of the groups that rented this boat left three hours later than planned; they were so relaxed talking to each other.”

Special Features

  • 140m2
  • WiFi, LCD screen
  • flip chart, paper, markers
  • separate break-out area
  • outside space on the aft deck
  • well-equipped kitchen


Amsteldok is easily accessible from the quay. There is plenty of parking available on the street. The address is  Amsteldijk 846, 1079 LM Amsterdam.

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