This 240m2 bright space is located on the ground floor and is best described as a cross between a living room and a plant shop. Greenery hangs and grows everywhere you look. The decor is colourful and the space is naturally lit by skylights and the adjoining patio located at the rear.

There are plenty of options available to host meetings and events. The layout of this location can be flexibly arranged and is very suitable for large groups. Seats, sofas and armchairs are readily available throughout the space, as are phone booths and even a video booth. Desks designed by architect Bas van Tol line the walls, and a gorgeous 4.5m long oval wooden table is featured in the middle.

Suitable for:


  • located in neighbourhood ‘de Pijp’
  • spacious patio at the rear
  • lots of furniture available: tables, sofas, armchairs, stools, chairs
  • suitable for up to approx. 60 seats
  • high ceilings
  • plenty of daylight
  • colourful interior

Special Features

  • 240m2 located on ground floor
  • multiple breakout places
  • three phone booths and a video booth
  • LCD screen (with VGA/HDMI connection), audio, WIFI
  • 1 flipchart with paper (including whiteboard function)
  • markers, pens, exercise books, paper, post-its, printer, scanner
  • furniture layout is flexible



The Albert Cuyp parking garage is a 2-minute walk away, De Pijp metro station is located around the corner and the Ceintuurbaan tram stop is a 5-minute walk from the location.

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