Located in the centre of Amsterdam, this is a unique and spacious canal house with a rich history. Built in 1675, it boasts over 345m2 and a variety of rooms and spaces that reflect the faceted nature of the building. All spaces can be characterized by the original 1980s interior elements designed by renowned Dutch architect Bart van Kasteel.

The rooms on both the front and back of the house offer natural light and high ceilings. The kitchen opens onto the tranquil green garden, where the chaos of the busy city centre completely falls away.

Suitable for:


  • canal house
  • lettable floor area: 217 m2
  • rooms: kitchen to the garden, 2 bedrooms, reception room, living room
  • maximum height: 3,5 m

Special Features

  • large garden
  • original 1980s interior elements
  • special pattern floors
  • profesional kitchen incl pizza oven
  • 2 private entrances


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