kitchen, dining area and living area

This apartment is located on the Prinseneilandgracht in the first large residential complex of the very first housing association in the Netherlands.

It is an ideal space for photoshoots: 200m2 surface area, several large windows and a ceiling height of 4.5m. You can take full advantage of the height by using the mezzanine floor during shoots. The loft is spacious, includes a modern kitchen island, a piano and various works of art collected and created by both owners.

Suitable for:


  • lettable floor area: 200m2
  • rooms: living room with open kitchen, master bedroom, two children’s bedrooms, bathroom and balcony
  • maximum height: 4.5m
  • loading / unloading: in front of the door

Special Features

  • loft
  • big windows
  • open kitchen
  • high ceiling
  • industrial
  • piano


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